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Premier indoor sports facility with open practice areas, lessons, camps, and clinics for young athletes.

Who We Are

Elkhorn Training Camp is the premier training facility for athletes of all sports. With more than 34,000 square feet of training space specifically designed for athletes who are serious about improving their game, Elkhorn Training Camp has one goal: Provide a safe and cutting-edge environment for players to train in the Elkhorn area. We’re located at 715 N 210th St in Elkhorn, NE, right off of 204th St and W Dodge Rd, so we’re easily accessible.

Why Choose Us?

Elkhorn Training Camp goes the extra mile to provide athletes with the best training space possible. Every inch of our facility, from the floor turf to the ceiling LED lights, is specifically designed for athletes to train to their maximum potential. We also pride ourselves in providing great customer service. We understand how busy our athletes and their families are. We will do everything we can to remain punctual and accommodating of all schedules.

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Mission Statement

To personalize the athletic experience for young athletes in a positive atmosphere with a focus on building confidence and self-esteem.

Why our instruction is the best

All of our instructors are selected based on their ability to relate to young athletes. Our coaches go beyond simply knowing their sports. They interact and develop bonds with their students.
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I have been giving private instruction to youth athletes for the last ten years. I know that being a quality instructor takes much more than just “baseball knowledge.” A great instructor is able to teach that knowledge to any athlete and find a way to truly connect with the player. Max Fearnow


Elkhorn Training Camp facility
Elkhorn Training Camp facility
Elkhorn Training Camp facility
Elkhorn Training Camp facility

Facility Amenities

Elkhorn Training Camp offers more than 34,000 square feet of training space with the following features:

  • 4 Iron Mike pitching machines capable of throwing baseballs or softballs at any speed
  • 7 hitting tunnels with L-Screens, tees, and top-quality baseballs
  • 4 quads that are 70×70 in space
  • 1,500-square-foot weight room
  • 25-foot high ceilings allowing for long toss or fly ball work
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State-of-the-Art features

We’re the only indoor sports facility in the area that combines open turf with a strength/agility conditioning center, including professional equipment.


  • Brand new SportTurf
  • High-grade netting for baseball and softball hitting
  • Hammer Strength weight equipment
  • NFL combine testing devices

Elkhorn Training Camp Power Baseball Workout

The Xplosive Edge

“Do you want the Edge?”

Elkhorn Training Camp has formed a strategic relationship with the Xplosive Edge, Omaha’s premier provider of sports performance. Xplosive Edge will be located within Elkhorn Training Camp in a dedicated weight room/conditioning center.

Camps & Clinics

Elkhorn Training Camp offers camps and clinics for players of all ages, skill levels, and positions. Whether it’s the youngest athletes learning the game for the first time or varsity athletes with aspirations of playing in college, we have a camp or clinic that fits those needs. The primary goal of any of our camps or clinics is that athletes are constantly learning, developing, and participating. We are never so overloaded with participants that players are bored or get lost in the crowd. All of the instructors of our camps and clinics are specialists in their sports fields and able to teach these skills at the highest level.
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  • Elkhorn Training Camp’s open turf practice area is available to all sports, such as baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, and others.
  • Elkhorn Training Camp’s dedicated strength/agility conditioning center is open to athletes of all sports, skill levels, and ages.
  • Elkhorn Training Camp has a brand new “Iron Mike” hitting area for softball and baseball. This system is an automated elevator system, allowing for athletes to practice hitting in an efficient manner.
  • Elkhorn Training Camp has individual tunnel areas for batting and pitching practice for softball/baseball players.
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Velo Plus Baseball Training

Train with Intent. Throw Harder. Improve the health of your arm. Velocity Enhancement and Arm Care Program This program is geared towards increasing throwing velocity and improving arm care. Learn warm up and recovery protocols to reduce the risk of injury. This...
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Elkhorn Training Camp Enters Into Partnership with The Xplosive Edge

Elkhorn Training Camp has entered into a strategic agreement with The Xplosive Edge, a leader in the sports agility/conditioning Omaha market for the past 10 years. The Xplosive Edge mission is to increase athletic performance and decrease injuries as well as to help...
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Elkhorn Training Camp

715 N 210th St
Elkhorn, NE 68022
(402) 932-2900


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