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Conveniently located off of 204th St and W Dodge Rd, Elkhorn Training Camp is the premier training facility for athletes of all sports. Elkhorn Training Camp, one of the largest indoor training facilities for youth athletes in the area, features the following:

  • A dedicated strength/agility training center featuring industry leading equipment.
  • 4 Junior Hack Attack batting cages which throw real baseballs and softballs.
  • 11 state of the art training tunnels for throwing or hitting.

Facility Amenities

Elkhorn Training Camp offers more than 35,000 square feet of indoor training space and 26,000 square feet of outdoor training space with professional equipment and premium materials.

Indoor Open Turf Field

The indoor open turf field can be broken down into four 70×70 quads with 25-foot ceilings and no support beams to interfere with practice. In addition, there is a fifth quad which can be open or broken down into four individual batting cages. This allows maximum safety and space utilization. All quads are equipped with premium pitching mounds, L screens, and field nets.

Batting Cages

When Elkhorn Training Camp went from an idea to a reality, we made a commitment to provide the youth community with cutting edge technology for your athletes. Based on your feedback and new technology available, we are excited to announce we are activating four new Junior Hack Attack machines. These hitting machines utilize real softballs and baseballs to provide a more realistic hitting experience. They also provide a more accurate “dial settings” for speed adjustments, along with options for curve balls, sliders, and other movement on pitches.

Hitting Tunnels

The seven hitting tunnels with turf are equipped with extra heavy netting for maximum safety of our members. No baseballs or softballs fly into adjacent cages or bouncing off the ceiling! Premium, fully padded L-screen protections are on wheels located in each cage. Each cage is also equipped with sturdy ball carts, allowing for coaches to pitch to their athletes without bending over into a bucket! All members receive full buckets of premium baseballs or softballs and batting tees.

Conditioning Center

The 1,500-square-foot weight room is available to athletes of all sports, skill levels, and ages. The center utilizes professional Hammer Strength weight equipment for maximum and efficient conditioning. Elkhorn Training Camp has formed a strategic relationship with The Xplosive Edge, Omaha’s premier provider of sports performance, which will be located within the conditioning center.

Outdoor Open Turf Field

In addition to our indoor amenities, Elkhorn Training Camp has a 26,000-square-foot outdoor turf area that’s perfect for fielding practice, situational defense, and base running. It’s one of the few outdoor turf areas available for youth sports in the Omaha area. All members have access to the outdoor turf field (when not reserved for team practices).

Elkhorn Training Camp facility
Elkhorn Training Camp facility
Elkhorn Training Camp facility

Built for High-Quality Experience

All aspects of Elkhorn Training Camp’s facility were constructed with quality in mind. From the L screens to the ball buckets in the hitting cages, all items in our facility are made with premium materials.

At Elkhorn Training Camp, we believe every detail matters. In fact, our facility is also constructed an air-conditioned facility. This is very unique in the Omaha area. While it was a significant investment on our end, we believe in doing things right and providing a phenomenal “user experience” for all of our clients.

While the interior of Elkhorn Training Camp is top-notch, we have also changed the game in the Omaha sports facility marketplace by adding a 26,000-square-foot outdoor turf area along with premium outdoor lighting. This provides a safe outdoor practice/game experience for youth athletes across all sports. Our outdoor field space combined with the 34,000 square feet of indoor practice space provides a first-class facility for the entire Omaha community.

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