Elkhorn Training Camp Enters Into Partnership with The Xplosive Edge | Elkhorn Training Camp

The Xplosive Edge equipmentThe Xplosive Edge technologyElkhorn Training Camp has entered into a strategic agreement with The Xplosive Edge, a leader in the sports agility/conditioning Omaha market for the past 10 years. The Xplosive Edge mission is to increase athletic performance and decrease injuries as well as to help athletes make wiser choices with nutritional fueling tactics.

With the Xplosive Edge having a dedicated 2,000 square foot area within the Elkhorn Training Camp, the athletes will receive all of their necessary instruction under one roof. This is an advantage over all facilities in the Omaha area. The ability to train on the “skill” as well as the “conditioning” within the same facility is a significant benefit to the athletes, parents, and coaches as they navigate extremely busy schedules.

Included within the Xplosive Edge area at Elkhorn Training Camp is brand new weight equipment from Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, and other leading providers in the conditioning space. The weight equipment in the Elkhorn Training Camp rivals ANY equipment in a Division 1 or professional level weight room. In addition to the weight equipment, there is also a dedicated turf area allowing for the athletes to work on the latest speed drills. Similar to the NFL combine, the Elkhorn Training Camp also utilizes laser technology for speed testing and the most accurate measurements for vertical jumps. As the photos illustrate, The Xplosive Edge area at Elkhorn Training Camp is top notch!

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