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Prep Edge at Elkhorn Training Camp

Prep Edge

PREP EDGE CAMP (Ages 13-18)

6-8 weeks | Athletes train 4x per week | 90 min. training sessions
$465 (6 week camp) / $565 (8 week camp)

The Prep Edge Camp is an accelerated camp focused on maximizing the athletic performance of high school athletes. This camp offers electronic pre and post-testing evaluation in addition to 6-8 weeks of sports performance training. Each session is focused on resistance training/explosive training in addition to speed & agility training specialized to increase your athlete’s performance. The Prep Edge Camp yields huge results and each athlete will become stronger, more powerful, faster, more agile, and more explosive!  We utilize a 4-day Split Routine in which each athlete will engage 2x per week in strength building paired with agility training and 2x per week of explosive Olympic lifting paired with plyometrics and linear speed development.  Each session is very intense and our focus is not on the amount of weight lifted rather good technique and speed of movement.  This camp will help reduce the rate of injury and increase lean muscle mass while shredding body fat and becoming lean

Summer sessions will be offered on M/T/Th/F and we will offer sessions each training day from 6:30-8:00am, 9:00-10:30am, 10:45-12:15pm, and 4:00-5:30pm. Sessions as follows:  Aug. 6th – Sept. 14th, Sept. 24th – Nov. 2nd, Nov. 12th – Dec. 21st

*Sessions may be altered due to the amount of athletes that sign up for each camp

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