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Prep Edge at Elkhorn Training Camp

Prep Edge

PREP EDGE CAMP (Ages 13-18)

6-8 weeks | Athletes train 4x per week | 90 min. training sessions
$465 (6 week camp) / $565 (8 week camp)

The Prep Edge camp is an accelerated camp focused on maximizing the performance of high school athletes.
This camp offers the following:

  • Electronic pre and post-testing evaluation along with 6 – 8 weeks of sports performance training.
  • Each session is focused on resistance and explosive training.
  • Speed and agility work specialized to increase your athlete’s performance in their respective competitions.

The Prep Edge camp yields SIGNIFICANT results for your athlete…they will become more agile, powerful, flexible, stronger, faster and healthier!  This is based on a SCIENTIFIC approach of a 4-day split routine consisting of the following:

  • 2x/ week of strength training paired with agility work.
  • 2x/ week of explosive Olympic lifting paired with plyometrics and linear speed development.

Each session is very competitive and intense in a safe environment!  This is the place for your athlete if you want them to learn good technique and are looking for them to activate their fast twitch athletic fibers!  Its about performance rather than setting records with heavy weights!  And finally, this camp will REDUCE your athlete’s rate of injury, SHRED body fat and INCREASE their lean muscle mass.

Details below on the BEST sports performance program for YOUR athlete!

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