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Developing Edge at Elkhorn Training Camp

Developing Edge


4 weeks | Athletes train 2x per week | 60 min. training sessions | $200

The Developing Edge camp lays the foundation for youth athletes! Your youth athlete will learn the basics of: running, jumping, landing, cutting, and squatting.

While your athlete’s sports coach will teach them sports specific skills, our camp will teach them how to development fundamental athletic movements. By building this foundation, your athlete will enjoy sports more and enable them to experience more success in athletics.

The program structure is as follows:

  • Each Developing Edge camp is 4 weeks long.
  • Training sessions meet twice per week, 1 hour each session.
  • Each session consists of proper warm up exercises, basic resistance training (NOTHING heavier than the average backpack), and speed/agility training.

Sign up for one of the sessions below if you want your athlete to train CORRECTLY and ENJOY training in a COMPETITIVE, FUN, and SAFE camp!

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