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The Xplosive Edge at Elkhorn Training Camp


Developing Edge

Designed for athletes ages 8 to 12, the Developing Edge Camp introduces and teaches younger athletes proper running, jumping and lifting technique, as well as eye-hand coordination.

This is accomplished through a variety of speed and agility drills on the field and strength and explosive lifts in the weight room.

With all emphasis on form and technique, the Xplosive Edge staff will help the developing athlete acquire proper neuromuscular recruitment patterns which lead to an overall decrease in injury and improvement in performance.

(4 weeks of training) 2 days a week / 1 hr. sessions Mon/Thurs 6:30-7:30pm, Tues/Fri 6:30-7:30pm

*Sessions may be altered due to the amount of athletes that sign up for each camp

Adult Edge Boot Camp

Designed for any adult coming from any walk of life, the Adult Edge is a scientifically researched training program designed to specifically target body fat loss by increasing lean muscle mass. This is not your everyday Adult boot camp.

The Xplosive Edge will incorporate its renowned “Husker Power Principles” to get the adult to perform better and maximize their workouts. Emphasis is put on increasing strength, agility, range of motion, and balance as well as developing power.

Xplosive Edge staff will help each adult regain proper biomechanical position via breathing, strengthening, and proper activation of certain muscle groups. Nutritional analysis and Fueling tactics will be covered with each adult as well as pre and post performance and body fat testing.

(8 week training camps) 4x per week, 60 min. sessions, M/T/Th/F, 9-10:00am, 9:00-10:00am

Prep Edge Camp

The Prep Edge Camp is designed for athletes between the ages of 13 and 18. Devised from the principles of the University of Nebraska and Husker Power, the Prep Edge Camp will take your athlete’s performance to a new level focusing on explosive running, cutting, landing and squatting. This camp will also focus on soft tissue injury reduction for your athlete.

Training Camps 4x per week, 90 min. sessions M/T/Th/F, 4-5:30pm

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Elkhorn Training Camp

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