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Build Strength & Power + Improve Hitting Mechanics = Increased Exit Velocity

Phase I: Softball Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Program with Data Metrics & Video Analysis

The foundation of a successful softball season is built with a solid off-season strength and conditioning program. The most powerful hitters have tremendous strength throughout the legs, core area of the abs, back and muscles that surround the pelvis and hips as well as shoulders and forearms. The Exit Velocity class will incorporate exercises that create stability and strength throughout and challenge each softball player to develop athletically by increasing strength, speed, and rotational explosive power through muscle memory hitting.

The Exit Velocity class will utilize enhanced hitting drills that will improve a hitters balance, vision, timing and rhythm and will optimize a softball player’s swing for maximizing bat-speed through the hitting zone. The class will use video analysis and data-metrics using Hit Trax where each session provides high-level skills hitting instruction where positive outcomes and corrective hitting analysis can be seen immediately by every softball player.

  • Maximize “Ground Force”
  • Enhance Rotational “Explosive Power”
  • Achieve Greater “Hitting Mechanics”

Instructor: Peyton Lewis

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