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Exit Velocity

Build Strength + Improve Power Hitting = Increased Exit Velocity

Baseball Off Season Strength & Conditioning Program & Video Analysis

Take advantage of the off-season as an opportunity to focus on developing yourself athletically through strength training with enhanced hitting skills. The goal of the Exit Velo Hitting class is to build muscular strength, develop greater power with explosive rotational movements and improve hitting confidence.

Strength Training & Developing Power:
The most powerful hitters have tremendous strength through the legs, hips, core, shoulders and forearms that produce power when swinging a bat or throwing a baseball. Research has established that the single greatest factor in extra-base hits and home runs is dependent on swing speed and exit velocity. The Exit-Velo class will incorporate exercises specific to improve leg strength that provides a stabilized batting foundation, a quicker and more powerful twist through the core to help create torque behind the swing, and a stronger forearm grip for faster hand speed and bat control.

Hitting Mechanics:
A key aspect of hitting in the off-season is to analyze different aspects of a baseball players swing and improve on the fundamental mechanics. This includes optimizing a player’s swing for maximizing bat-speed, more time through the hitting zone and staying balanced with a strong posture. Each session will incorporate hitting drills that will focus on balance, vision, timing and rhythm, all with power!

Video Analysis:
Pre and Post session evaluations along with video analysis will help each player track their strength training goals, review the mechanics of their swing, and concentrate on specific movements that will result in increased muscular coordination and a more fluid motion throughout the swing resulting with increased Exit Velo!

Instructor: Darrell Everhart: Lead Hitting and Fielding instructor at ETC. former Division-I middle-infielder; player and coach at Minor and Independent League level baseball teams; Proven physical-fitness leader and General Manager, U.S. Military All-Stars.


“Hard work and dedication are the keys to development”

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