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150 Swing Club is for players who are serious about becoming better hitters this summer. Learning to hit requires a combination of technique and quantity. Hitters too often focus on technique but do not get the required amount of swings to become good hitters. Elkhorn Training Camp Lead Instructors Darrell Everhart and Max Fearnow will train hitters using a combination of quantity and technique to maximize batting averages this summer.

Softball 150 Swing Club is for girls who are serious about becoming better hitters this summer. Becoming an elite hitter requires a both technical training as well as high volume of swings. Lead Instructor Peyton Lewis train players through a combination of quantity, technique and Hit Trax analytics to help hit for MORE POWER and HIGHER AVERAGES. This is not a class for slap hitters, players will be taught to drive the ball to all fields with confidence.



ETC North
Hitters will utilize Hit Trax at Elkhorn Training Camp North. Over the course of the camp, huge amounts of data will be gathered on each hitter to track progress and better understand the analytics of their swing.

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