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About Elkhorn Training Camp

Mission Statement

To personalize the athletic experience for young athletes in a positive atmosphere with a focus on building confidence and self-esteem.

Why our instruction is the best

All of our instructors are selected based on their ability to relate to young athletes. Our coaches go beyond simply knowing their sports. They interact and develop bonds with their students.

I have been giving private instruction to youth athletes for the last ten years. I know that being a quality instructor takes much more than just “baseball knowledge.” A great instructor is able to teach that knowledge to any athlete and find a way to truly connect with the player.

Max Fearnow


Elkhorn Training Camp is much more than an impressive physical building structure with premium amenities! While our mission is to provide a world-class facility to youth athletes, it’s the “how” aspects that provide even more benefit to the community.

Elkhorn Training Camp’s organizational objectives center around:

  • Operating the business with the utmost integrity prioritizing the safety of all young athletes.
  • Delivering a positive atmosphere to the youth athletes with a focus on growing confidence and self-esteem.
  • Personalizing the athletics experience for all young athletes.

Elkhorn Training Camp is also focused on the parents of the youth athletes. We understand that your time is valuable and schedules are chaotic. As such, we have invested substantially in technology to allow for easy and seamless scheduling of activities at the Elkhorn Training Camp.

While most indoor facilities are still using paper and pencil to schedule times for their athletes, Elkhorn Training Camp is committed to technology to enhance your user experience. A perfect example of this is our development of a mobile application for our members. How many indoor facilities can say on day one of business opening their members were able to book times via a mobile application? Elkhorn Training Camp will continue to evolve its commitment to technology as we look to drive content value with our parents, coaches, and athletes.

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Elkhorn Training Camp facility

In early 2016 when Elkhorn Training Camp was being discussed as an idea, the ownership team conducted a significant amount of market research. The research quickly concluded that, despite the significant youth athlete population growth in Northwest Omaha, there was no indoor sports facility less than 25-30 minutes from the area. In fact, in the Elkhorn school district, there are 7,500 students projected to grow to almost 20,000 students within the next 10 years. This is a growth rate unsurpassed in the Omaha area. With this type of growth, the need for an indoor sports facility in close proximity to these youth athletes is very apparent. As an ownership team, we asked ourselves…why is every indoor sports facility located in Southwest Omaha? Why is this part of the city void of an indoor facility where athletes of all sports can improve their game?

In addition to being at the epicenter of Omaha’s strongest concentration of youth athletes, Elkhorn Training Camp is located within minutes of Elkhorn, Elkhorn South, and Elkhorn Mount Michael high schools. Being located this close to these high schools allows the Elkhorn Training Camp to provide these athletes with a much better option for their indoor training.

Affiliations & Partnerships

Elkhorn Athletic Association

Elkhorn Athletic Association

Elkhorn Training Camp has formed a strategic relationship with Elkhorn Athletic Association, a nonprofit organization providing over 2,500 athletes with the opportunity to participate in youth baseball, softball, football, and basketball. Commencing in January 2017, Elkhorn Athletic Association has selected the Elkhorn Training Camp as its home base for the indoor training of its youth athletes. As one of the fastest growing youth athletic organizations in the Midwest, Elkhorn Athletic Association was looking for a long-term strategic partner to serve its indoor training needs. The partnership with Elkhorn Training Camp has fulfilled that need.

The Xplosive Edge

The Xplosive Edge

The Xplosive Edge is a training facility in Omaha, NE, that’s been helping athletes for over ten years. We help athletes reach their highest potential of performance while making safety and well-being a top priority. Our atmosphere is competitive, exciting, and motivational! Our staff is made up of professional coaches, sports nutritionists, and other health professionals. We teach proper nutritional fueling tactics, reduce athletes’ chances of sport injuries, and increase performance. We offer a number programs for adults, teens, and children, as well as semi-pro and professional athletes. We work with volleyball and football clubs in the area. Whether you’re a high school volleyball player, a professional hockey player, or want to get your body to its highest performance potential, we can help.

Elkhorn Soccer Club

Elkhorn Soccer Club

Elkhorn Soccer Club works with Elkhorn Training Camp. With more than 1,900 kids participating annually, Elkhorn Soccer Club has become the second largest club in Nebraska. Elkhorn Training Camp is able to provide a facility to serve this fast growing organization. Rob Herringer, Executive Director of the Elkhorn Soccer Club, “We’re running out of space for what we’d like to do going forward, and we need to have facilities that reflect the professional nature of this club.” Specifically, Elkhorn Soccer Club’s youth teams will be utilizing our premier outdoor field turf area for games and practices between the months of April and October.

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